Week 4 Standings
Men's Trad.
1. Dyer, Paul
2. Gungoll, Grant
3. Bennett, Bob
4. Whittenberg, Mark
5. Kellogg, Henry
6. Pappan, Johnny
7. Sisemore, James
8. Mayberry, Mike
9. Whelan, Gary
10. Dunagan, Darell
11. Stuber, Brock
Men's Comp.
1. Bain, Larry
2. Gladney, Josh
3. Gladney, Jim
4. Johnson, Deuce
5. Cook, Brian
Women's Comp.
1. Gladney, Jennifer
2. Macejka, Lori
3. Bain, Francesca
Women's Trad.
1. Dyer, Kelli
2. Morse, Becky
Welcome to the 3D League at Archery Traditions of Oklahoma. We have over 20 Rinehart Competition Series Targets ranging in size from javalina and bobcat, to mule deer and grizzly. Our Summer 3D League began July 10, 2018, and shoots every Tuesday for 8 weeks. The course is open to fun rounds for everyone to try it out. Shooting time available while range is open on Tuesdays (12pm - 8pm).

With any questions, call 405-350-1100
or come in to the range.