Test your skills in one of our leagues! Membership is NOT required for any of our leagues, and we accommodate all bow types. League fees are due in full before the league starts.
Please do not be intimidated by competition or scoring. We strive to make our leagues fun for the whole family, and encourage every shooter to help out when and where they can! Compound and Traditional archers will be in their own divisions. Some leagues will have handicaps in the scoring, which will be mentioned in the league description. Scores will be posted on our website each week.

Target League:

This league is for everyone, every age, and every experience level! Our Target League is fun for the whole family! The scores are handicapped, so everyone is competitive. Archers choose whether to use a single spot, or five spot target, and compounds and traditional bows are welcome. We divide the scoring by bow type to keep things fair. The Target League meets one evening a week and lasts about 1.5 hours.

Our 2019 Spring Target League began Tuesday, April 2, ending on Tuesday, May 21. You are welcome to come early to practice, but scorecards will be handed out at 6:30pm. League dues are $45/person for members, and $60/person for non-members, and are due on or before the first night of league. We will be setting up in teams of twos. If you do not already have a teammate in mind, feel free to sign up as a single, and we will pair you up with another single of the same bow type.

3D League:

Though our indoor 3D range is always available, 3D League shooters experience it in a new and exciting way! In the 3D league, we set up a new course every week with shots ranging from 8-30 yards. The course includes many obstacles and inventive ways to make each week fun and challenging. You never know what we will come up with. Fun rounds are available for non-league members, so bring friends and family. The 12-10-8-5 scoring system will be used.

Our 2019 Spring 3D League began Friday, April 5, meeting on Fridays, and ending on a joined indoor tournament on May 18. The course is open during our regular business hours ( 11am - 7pm). Traditional and compound archers are welcome! League dues are $60/person for members, $80/person for non-members, and will be due on or before the first day of league.