JOAD, or Junior Olympic Archery Development, is an ongoing class that helps students, ages 8-20, develop from a beginner, to an advanced archery level. Students will be learning at their own pace, and earning achievement pins along the way. There are also opportunities for competition from a local to national level.

Beginning in July, we will offer one JOAD class from 9:30am-10:30am on Saturday mornings. New students will be required to attend an Intro Class. You can choose from our regular Intro to Archery Class (see Instruction or Events pages) or attend a JOAD Intro Class at 9:00am prior to the weekly JOAD class. Registration is required. Give us a call to register. 

If you decide to be a part of JOAD, a membership with USA Archery is required. Their annual youth membership is $45+. You are welcome to participate in two JOAD meetings before purchasing your USA Archery membership. The weekly cost is $6 every Saturday ($12/$14 with Recurve/Genesis rental), or you can purchase 10 visit punch card for $50.

Please feel free to call us with any questions!