1. Field tips or target points only. NO broadheads or hunting tips allowed.

2. Do not nock an arrow or cock your crossbow until everyone is safely behind the RED shooting line.

3. Arrows must be pointed at the target while the bow is being drawn. You must be able to draw in a safe manner.

4. Only shooters and instructors are allowed in front of the YELLOW safety line.

5. Do not retrieve arrows until all shooters are finished and the command "pull" has been given.

Use Extreme Caution When Pulling Arrows

6. The number of arrows per end will be limited to 5.

7. Do not carry your bow down range. Leave bows behind the
RED shooting line.

8. Flex and inspect carbon arrows between shots.

9. Archery Traditions of Oklahoma assumes no responsibility for arrows damaged while shooting.

10. Archery Traditions of Oklahoma is not responsible for lost or stolen items, i.e. archery equipment and/or personal belongings.

Failure to follow these rules could result in the loss of shooting privileges